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Bermuda is truly one of God's jewels on this planet. Aquamarine and turquoise seas surround these beautiful islands. Bermuda is actually an archipelago of small islands that are the remnant of an ancient volcano, resembling a fishhook when viewed from a high altitude. Lush green trees, shrubs, and lawns blanket these subtropical islands. Bermuda is about 570 miles off the coast of North Carolina.

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Not surprisingly, given this is an island destination many of the activities offered relate to the water but Bermuda is also a major golf destination and offers much for the 'shoppers' too.

Cruise types

Cruises here are generally 3, 4 or 5 day escapes from the east coast cities of the US. The region is serviced by many of the major cruise lines some of whom now dedicate a ship to this market.

7 day cruises combine Bermuda and The Bahamas

Cruise seasons

Year round

Main Ports

Cruises depart from Fort Lauderdale, New York, Boston and other northern US cities.


Because of its more Northern location, Bermuda is not tropical. The climate from November through February is a pleasant 70F/21c while the hot season from May to September temperatures rise to around 80F/26c. Summer is also a bit drier.

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