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  • Cruise and Maritime Voyages

    Cruise and Maritime Voyages

    Cruise & Maritime Voyages is an independent company that specialises in providing good value, quality cruise holidays on board smaller and medium size cruise ships.

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Cruise & Maritime Voyages is an independent company that specialises in providing good value, quality cruise holidays on board smaller and medium size cruise ships.

The start of your cruise holiday is important too and should be a stress-free experience that allows you to step on board suitably relaxed and ready to be pampered and waited on during the days ahead. As our programme sails out of the UK, your cruise starts conveniently from a British port.

For many passengers, it is dinner in the evening that is the focal point of the day, and to start your evening you might opt for a pre-dinner drink and enjoy your favourite melodies. Following your meal the show team would enjoy the pleasure of your company as our artists display their talents in a snappily choreographed revue or colourful floorshow – all you need to do is just sit back and enjoy. Our speciality acts and guest entertainers complement the show team to ensure that your evenings go with a swing.

If however it is quieter pleasures that you prefer, how about a liqueur and good conversation; a few hands of cards; or making up a table for a syndicate quiz. Of course there are also acres of deck to take that romantic stroll. And whenever you decide to call it a night, the welcoming haven that is your cabin is just a short walk away.

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