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India Rivers

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Indian river cruising on the great rivers of the Sub Continent are fast becoming a must see and do for experienced cruisers. Offering the charm and sophistication of travel from an other era these modern ships traverse the three great rivers of the North and East, the Hooghly (sometimes called the lower Ganges), The Ganges and the Brahmaputra river of Assam.

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The principal regions of India for cruising currently (new India River Cruise products & destinations are emerging rapidly) are Assam, West Bengal and Bahir.

The principal gateway ports are: Kolkata (Calcutta), Farakka & Patna for the Ganges and Lower Ganges, for the Brahmaputra in Assam in North West India the key ports of embarkation are Guwahati and Ghat/Johrat.

River Cruising in India is a largely seasonal affair with most cruises departing between October and May when river levels are at their best.

If you loved The Mekong, The Yangtse, The Irrawaddy or the Nile consider India a fabulous new river cruise destination.

When considering a river cruise in India remember to plan ahead and consult your doctor for vaccinations before a river in India.

Please note, while cruise details and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line practices and policies. Please check details and inclusions at time of booking.

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