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Visegrad, Hungary

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Visegrad is a small castle town in Pest County, Hungary. Situated north of Budapest on the right bank of the Danube in the Danube Bend. It is famous for the remains of the Early Renaissance summer palace of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary and the medieval citadel.

Visegrad is also famous for its stone bridge, which hails from the Ottomon era 1571 – 1577. It has 11 arches with a gentle slope towards the middle and descending a ramp on the left bank. Above the arches of the bridge spans the entire length of the molded cornice above of the fence. The total length is 179.5 m, the height of normal river water level 15.40 and the width is 6.30 meters. The bridge was built of stone, tuff, or tufa, which was brought from the Visegrad spa.

Things to see and do

* Mehmed-Pasha Sokolovic Bridge
* Monastery Dobrun
* Cruise the canyon of the river Drina
* City Gallery
* Visegrad Spa

General Information

Cruise Season – March - Dec
Currency – Forint (HUF)
Language – Hungarian
Land Area - 33.27 km2
Population – 1,500 approx
Time – GMT plus one hour
Electricity - 2 round pins European style
International Country Telephone Code – +36

Travel Links – Trains are available from Budapest Nyugati railway station to Nagymaros–Visegrád (cca. 40-60 minutes, runs every 60 minutes; the station will be on the opposite side of the river so you need to take a 5-minute ferry ride across; ferries are scheduled to train arrivals), or take a direct bus at Budapest, Árpád híd bus station to Visegrád (cca. 80 minutes, runs every 20-60 minutes).
A more expensive (but much more picturesque) way to get to Visegrád is an excursion boat and a hydrofoil service run by Mahart (both daily once, only between April and late September).

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