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American Duchess

American Queen Steamboat Company
American Duchess

American Duchess was the first all-suite paddle wheeler on U.S. rivers, a floating, intimate masterpiece that can carry up to 166 guests through America's heartland. The paddle wheeler, created from a 1995 hull, was completely reconstructed to become one of the loveliest river cruising vessels in the country, featuring single-seating main dining and entertainment venues, soaring ceilings, and all of the features guests have come to expect on other American Queen Steamboat Company cruises.
Her suites range from 180 sq. ft to 550 sq. ft., allowing guests to stay in some of the largest accommodations on the rivers. Unique to the American Duchess are her spacious Loft Suites, that measure at 550 sq. ft.. The lower level features a full bathroom, small dining area, a beautiful lounge section furnished with a queen sofa-bed and desk area, along with sliding doors to access a private balcony. The loft area upstairs is a tranquil retreat with its semi-private bedroom, a full bathroom and gracious closet space.
Featuring a single-seating schedule in the beautiful Grand Dining Room, dining on board is an experience. Enjoy 5-star cuisine that blends local flavours and fine culinary traditions. A more casual atmosphere is offered at The River Club and Terrace, which can host over 80 guests who wish to dine at their own pace.
American Queen Steamboat Company is strongly committed to preserving the marine environment and continually strives to do our part in keeping America`s waterways clean.
Each American Duchess cruise includes:
• All meals
• Hop-On Hop-Off shore excursions by a fleet of dedicated deluxe motorcoaches
• 1 night pre-cruise hotel stay
• Beer and Wine with Dinner onbaord (2019 cruises)
• Open bar with unlimited beverages on board (2020 cruises onwards)
• Free on board internet
• 24 hour room service
• Complimentary cappuccino, expresso, bottled water and soft drinks throughout your voyage
• The attentive service of an all-American staff
• Daily lectures by American Queen’s `Riverlorian` – a history and culture expert
• Evening entertainment with jazz, blues and a six-piece orchestra
• Prepaid ship’s gratuities (2020 cruises onwards)

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American Duchess

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