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Amatista Riverboat

Amatista Riverboat

Spacious, comfortable, and well adorned – the Amatista is all of this and so much more. Share a room with a travel buddy in a gorgeous twin cabin or be the king (or queen) of your domain in a double. A/C is included in all cabins for maximum comfort while you float down the Amazon River. Lounge around while sipping coffee with your group in the communal salon, or chill out on the covered deck while watching birds soar overhead. The Amatista is equipped with a pair of skiffs for excursions, and two naturalist guides at the ready to answer your questions whenever and wherever they come up.

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Amatista Riverboat

Facilities | Amenities


  • Interior Bar Lounge
  • Reading Lounge
  • Lateral Passageways
  • Sun Chairs
  • Air Conditioning
  • Best-in-field naturalist guides
  • Observation decks including one covered
  • Observation Platform
  • Dining Room
  • Two best-in-field naturalist CEO guides ready to share with you the wildlife, people and history of the Amazon
  • Equipped with an open skiff to explore smaller tributaries and remote arteries
  • Complimentary tea and coffee served all day; water, juice and snacks available for purchase
  • Some breakfasts, lunches and dinners provided


  • Individually Controlled Air Conditioning

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