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AMA Waterways

The AmaVenita, which debuted in 2015, is a sister ship to the AmaCerto and features the most advanced design of any river cruise vessel currently in operation. Our exclusive Twin Balconies are available in most staterooms, which measure a spacious 210-235 sq. feet, with four suites measuring 300 sq. feet. Passengers will enjoy gourmet dining with free-flowing fine wines at multiple onboard dining venues; a heated sun deck swimming pool with a ‘swim-up’ bar; fitness center and spa; complimentary ship-wide Wi-Fi and in-room Internet and entertainment on demand; and a fleet of bicycles carried onboard for passengers to enjoy on their own or on guided bike tours.

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Facilities | Amenities | Dining | Kids Programs | Tipping


  • Main Lounge & Bar
  • Observation Lounge
  • The Chef's Table
  • Sun Deck
  • Walking Track
  • Al Fresco Dining Terrace
  • Massage & Hair Salon
  • Gift Shop
  • Heated Swimming Pool
  • Swim-up Bar
  • Fitness Centre
  • Spa
  • Complimentery Wi-Fi
  • Fleet of Bicycles
  • Main Restaurant


  • In-room temperature control
  • Hair Dryer
  • Safe
  • Complimentary bottled water replenished daily
  • Entertainment on Demand system providing complimentary TV, movies and music library
  • Flat-screen TV that also works as a computer
  • Direct-dial Telephone


Our onboard culinary staff offers sophisticated menus comprised of wonderful soups, fresh produce, high quality choice cut meats, and fresh fish and seafood. Your Maitre d' always welcomes you to the restaurant with a bright smile.

Start your day with a lavish gourmet champagne breakfast buffet. Choose from a rich assortment of breads, croissants and pastries, a variety of fresh fruit, yogurt, cereals, and smoked salmon. Sample the delicious cheeses, cold cuts and local sausages, as well as our daily regional specials. An array of traditional breakfast items is also available from the menu.

Return from your shore excursion to a delicious lunch. Start with mouth-watering hot or cold appetizers, homemade soups, then choose from a selection of great entrees, finish off with a delectable dessert and complimentary cappuccino.

In the evening, be our honored guest for an elegant dinner or a traditional theme night with a feast of regional specialties. Enjoy delicious cuisine and complimentary free-flowing wines from the local vintners. Our kitchen crew knows how to orchestrate a truly memorable dining experience.

Dining Dress Code:
We recommend country club casual for dinner. There is one semi-formal evening onboard, the Captain’s Farewell Dinner; typically the second to last night, formal attire is not required.

Drinks Policy:
Europe: Coffee and tea are available free of charge throughout the day and during meals. Specialty coffees, such as espresso and café latte are also available free of charge. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at additional cost. During dinner, local wines soft drinks and beer are available on a complimentary basis.

Russia: Coffee and tea are available free of charge throughout the day. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at additional cost. Complimentary wine, beer, soft drinks and juice are included with every dinner on board the ship. Water dispensers are available throughout the ship for your convenience.

Vietnam & Cambodia: Complimentary soft drinks, juices, house brand spirits, local beer and wine, filtered coffee and tea are available during meals. Imported wine and premium alcoholic beverages are available to purchase at an additional cost.

Africa: Complimentary wine and beer is served with all lunch and dinners on board. Coffee and tea are available free of charge throughout the day and during meals from the bar. Premium alcoholic beverages as well as drinks outside of meal times are available at the bar for additional cost.
Dance the night away with the locals at the many open-air festivals and events during the warm summer months. Your ship is docked close to the heart of each town and city so you can easily venture ashore to delve into the spirit of each city’s exciting evening culture, traditions and activities.

Kids Programs


AMA Waterways accepts children over the age of 8yrs, however there are no specific programs for them and no child minding facilities.


Gratuities to your Cruise Manager and ship crew are not included in the vacation price. While the amount of these gratuities will depend upon your degree of satisfaction for services received, many of our clients have asked us for general tipping guidelines. Here are our recommendations:

Europe: For good service, we recommend 3 Euros per passenger, per day for the Cruise Manager and 12 Euros per passenger, per day for the crew, which will be divided up among the ship's personnel. It is also customary to acknowledge a particularly good performance of a local guide by leaving a tip of 1-2 Euros per tour. Gratuities on most vessels, but not all, may be charged on credit card as well as cash.

Russia: For good service, we recommend US $4 per passenger, per day for the Cruise Manager and US $15 per passenger, per day for the crew, which is to be divided up among the ship's personnel. It is also customary to acknowledge a particularly good performance of a local guide by leaving a tip of US $2 - US $3 per tour and US $1 for the driver. Gratuity for the ship staff, crew and local guides must be paid in cash (Rubles, USD or Euros).

Vietnam & Cambodia: Pre and Post Cruise: National Guide US $2 per person per day. Local Guides, US $1 per person per half-day tour, US $2 per person per full day tour. Bus Drivers, US $.50 per person for half-day tour, US $2 per person for full day tour.
Cruise: Cruise Director, US $2 per person per day. Ship's Crew, US $10 per person per day. Cruise Guide in Cambodia, US $2-3 per person per day (covers all shore excursions in Cambodia). Cruise Guide in Vietnam, US $2-3 per person per day(covers all shore excursions in Vietnam.)

Africa: Gratuities are not included in the vacation price. The suggested tipping policy onboard is between $65-80 per cabin for the 4-night cruise. Of course, all tips are at the traveler’s personal discretion.

Please note, while cruise details and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line practices and policies. Please check details and inclusions at time of booking.

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