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MS AmaDolce is an Aria Class River Ship.

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MS AmaDolce is an Aria Class River Ship.

Aria River Ships are among the finest river ships you’ll find not just in Europe, but anywhere in the world. The ships' all-weather Panoramic Balcony Suites have proved overwhelmingly popular with our travelers. Their boutique size, low number of guests, and high number of staff ensures our Aria River Ships boast a genuinely warm onboard atmosphere. Each with their own unique charm, all ships enthral guests with their combination of luxurious amenities and innovative design.

Aria River Ship Features:

* Private Panoramic Balconies in 82% of suites
* Heated whirlpool on Sun Deck
* Up to five unique dining experiences available, including three specialty restaurants
* Room services to guests in select suites
* Boutique size (110 metres) enables more space per guest

Detailed information about AmaDolce

Name AmaDolce
Cruise Line APT
Star Rating River
Currency Used


Cruise Type River
Maiden Voyage 2009
Length 110 m
Beam 11.4 m
Passenger Capacity 148
Crew Nationality European
Officer Nationality European
Dining Staff Nationality European

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